If you love eating, you can surely be a good cook, but to be an excellent one, you should have good critics at home. For that I owe to my husband and my children.

I dedicate this blog to the young ladies - "the starters".

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Carrot Soup


Carrots chopped   -  2 cups
Massoor Dal          -  2 tbsp
(red lentils)
Water                     -  2 cups
milk                        -  1/2 cup  
sea salt


In a pressure cooker, put the carrots
washed and chopped along with dal and water.
Pressure cook it  for two whistles.

Pour  the cooked dal and  carrot into a mixer and get a paste consistency.
Transfer it into a sauce pan, pour milk and stir.
Let it simmer to get piping hot soup.

Pour it into soup bowls, 
Sprinkle on top crushed salt and pepper,
if desired, pour drops of cream and some
chopped garlic chives.

Winter is best time for carrot soup. 
This is a nourishing and energising mid day meal for young and old.

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