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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home Made Wine

Happy New Year
A toast for a sweet and colourful New Year

Grapes - 3 kg
Sugar -1/2 kg
Broken wheat - 100gm
cinnamon sticks - 6 inch long

Seperate the grapes from the stem.
Wash ,dry and crush grapes.

In a dry and clean earthen jar (barani),
add crushed grapes,sugar,cinnamon sticks and broken wheat.
Close the lid tight cover with a thick cloth and tie it tight.
Keep the jar in a dark and humid corner
of your room for forty days.
Once a week open the lid and stir it
with a wooden ladel.
After forty days strain the wine
through a muslin cloth and
store in air tight bottles.

After a week as the wine gets clear you can
slowly pour it into another bottle.

Traditionally in the slow process of
matuering wine, broken wheat is not added.
Only two ingredients go into the jar.
Grapes and sugar.
For two kilogram grapes I add one kilogram sugar.
But for many people the ratio is 1:1.
Close the lid and just forget for 90 days.
Open the jar after 3 months, seive through a
fine muslin cloth and bottle it.

Wine made by adding wheat, and wine made of
only sugar and grapes has lot of difference in
its texture and taste.

Try to make both the types of wine and enjoy...

Black colour grapes give dark red wine.
Light red coloured grapes give rose wine.

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