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Monday, February 15, 2016

Aval Vilayichathu (Sweet Beaten Rice )


Aval ( beaten rice )  - ¼  kg
Grated coconut        -  1 big coconut
Jaggery                       -  ½ kg
Ghee                             -  2 tbsp
Coconut slivers           - 2 tbsp 
Chana  dal                 -  1 tbsp
Seasame  seeds          - 1 tbsp
Jeera(cumin)             - ½ tsp
Dry ginger                -  1 inch
cardamom                     -  6

In a deep vessel  on low flame,  pour ghee  and add thin of  pieces  coconut,
Chana dal, seasame seeds, cashew, sultanas and fry golden brown and keep aside.

In another deep vessel on low flame melt jaggery by pouring quarter glass water
and quarter kg jaggery. As  it thickens add the fried items and grated coconut.
As  it  turns thick and almost dry, off the flame and let it cool.
Now mix in aval.
 Dry roast jeera, dry ginger, cardamom and powder it,
And sprinkle over aval. Serve with banana.

Aval  or these rice flakes  is a healthy Indian dish.
In Kerala aval is  generally served sweet as aval vilayichathu or
Aval nanachathu .
 Aval nanachathu is easy.
To aval add grated tender coconut and flakes of jaggery and
press it with your palm and the aval turns wet and is ready to serve.

Out side Kerala and other parts of  india,  aval is  generally
cooked as  savoury with oil, turmeric, chilli, onion and peanuts.

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