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I dedicate this blog to the young ladies - "the starters".

Friday, December 30, 2016

Peach Cookies

Peach  cookie is a very subtle
lemon flavoured cake cookie.


For the dough:

Flour  -  1 ¾ cup
Baking powder  - 1 tsp
Large egg  - 1
Sugar  -  ¼ cup
Milk   -  ¼ cup
Unsalted butter  - ¼ cup
lemon zest  – 2tsp

For pastry custard:

Milk  -  1cup
Egg yolk  - 2
Sugar   - ¼ cup
Flour  - 1tbsp
Lemon zest  - 1tsp

For coating:

Red wine – ½ cup
Sugar  - 1tbsp
Sugar for covering
Mint or cherry leaves for decoration


First make custard and keep aside.

To make custard, in a sauce pan beat and
Well mix  sugar, milk, egg yolk, flour and lemon zest.
Keep the saucepan on low flame and stir continously
till  it gets thick. keep aside this custard to fill in the cookies later.

To prepare cookies:

First sieve flour and baking powder.
Mix well  butter , sugar, egg ,milk and lemon zest,
Now add the flour- baking powder mixture.
Make small balls and  keep on a baking tray
leaving  space in between to expand.
Preheat oven for ten minutes and bake for
15 minutes in 200c.

As it turns slight golden under the cookies,
tt  can be taken out of the oven and scoop out a small
piece from under the cookie with a pointed knife
and fill a teaspoon full of custard on each Cookie  
and stick  together two cookies .

Now mix sugar in red wine and dip the cookies in wine.
Roll the cookies in sugar . Decorate with leaves and keep in fridge.
It is better to prepare two days prior to serving.

A beautiful cake cookie works
as a centre piece on the party table.