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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pepper- curry leaves chutney powder (chammanthi podi)


Grated coconut  -   4 cups
Black pepper       - ½   cup
Cashmere whole chilli  - 2
Curry leaves         - 2 cups
Urdad dal           - 1 tbsp
Shallots(small onion) – ½ cup
Methi  seeds(fenugreek) – 1 tbsp
Tamarind   - ½ cup
Sea Salt


In a wok on low flame, fry  every  ingredient separately
golden brown.
Except  tamarind and salt.

Grind each ingredient separately .
Mix them together, add salt  and grind again.
Add tamarind to this mix  and
run the mixer till every thing is combined well.

Store in air – tight  container.
This chutney powder has a long shelf life.
This makes excellent  combination with rice and curd.

Remember to use fresh curry leaves plucked from
your back yard or reliable  sources  as curry leaves from
the market  often  contain pesticide.