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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meat Samosa


Minced meat       - ½  kg
Chopped onion    - ¼ kg
Chopped fresh coriander leaves -  a bunch
Mint leaves             - 3 tbsp
Green chillies          - 6
Lemon                      - ½
Coriander  powder – 1 tbsp
Sauf powder            -  ½  tbsp
Garam masala         -  ½ tsp
Garlic   paste            -  2 tsp  
Ginger Paste              -2 tsp
Samosa  wraps (ready made)

On a low flame, stir fry minced meat till it gets dry. Add
 ginger- garlic paste , chopped green chilli and stir.
Add all spices and salt.  While stirring, add chopped onion
 and  stir till the onion turns translucent. Turn off the heat and
add   butter, lemon juice chopped coriander and mint leaves
and mix well.
Readymade samosa wraps are the best,  available in all
Super market freezers.
Fold the corner of the rectangle shaped wrap into
a  triangle, then into a cone shape. Fill the cone with
 the meat filling, wrap  the other end and
 stick the end with flour and water paste.
Now ,deep fry the samosas on low flame tuning sides alternately.

Serve hot with tomato sauce or mint & coriander chutney.